problem with {{include /relative/path}}

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problem with {{include /relative/path}}

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I can't get the {{include /relatve/path/to/page}} functionality to work with MojoMojo 1.09. I have another site running MojoMojo 1.02 that seems to work fine. When I try to do something like:

{{include /about/test}}

The preview stops updating with "{{include /about/tet", or similar -- whenever I close the two {{ with }}.

If I include an external site like {{include}} it works and fetches the Google page.

I've pulled most of my hair out at this point.

I was originally running MojoMojo with apache. To try to debug this problem, I used either the supplied server script or plackup/Starman. When I try to use the {{include /relatve/path/to/page}} syntax, I get an error:

Wrong Content-Length value: 84

The value can be different.