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New release: MojoMojo-0.999032

Highlights of this release include numerous contributions from Dave
Rolsky (of DateTime, Fey::ORM and Mason fame): redesigned attachments
page and revisions list, reorganized navigation links, improved
permissions checks, and better dimensioning of the split edit in both
horizontal and vertical mode.

First-time users will have an easier time thanks to friendlier
database spawning and removal of non-user-serviceable options from the
config file into

Other improvements include better POD documentation and coverage,
revised Markdown syntax help and a number of bug fixes: angle brackets
are now preserved in code blocks, Perl comments render correctly in
syntax highlighted code, native Unicode support for Textile, better
markup code inserted by the edit toolbar buttons, and correct display
of the number of revisions and Save vs. Create button captions for new

Works is in progress on updating the KinoSearch code. In the meantime
users are advised to disable internal search via Site settings, for
improved performance.

In other news, MojoMojo now has a Facebook fan page:
and a LinkedIn user group:

Dan Dascalescu (dandv)

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