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Italian translations

Enrico Sorcinelli
Hi all,

I attached the it.po, it.po.js and it.po.json italian translations.
The archive also contains an improved version of (see
'perldoc', yes I put pod into a bash file! :-)): feel
free to use/modify as you want.
Of course I haven't included patched root/base/page/ with
'it' language.

This is a little report about my MojoMojo translation experience.

- First of all: the communication between MojoMojo maintainer(s) and
translators. I seen into the mailing list archives that only the
release announces had been posted. I think that a pre-relesease
announce will be useful for translators, so they could have a little
bit of time in order to sync its .po files (Yes I know, there's also
IRC, twitter, and so on...)

Following things are much less important.

- In en.po (and it.po), I fixed 'Profile for x' msgstr (about line
1027, used in root/base/page/, line 30) with 'Profile for %1'

- in root/base/page/, there is the line (22):

([% page.content.max_version%] [% loc('revision') %][% IF
page.content_version > 1; "s" ; END %])

It doens't work with italian laguage (it has different singular/plural
rule :-)), and I think with other languages too.
I don't know very well MojoMojo code, but after translating en.po, the
message above seems to be the only that has the plural form.
Maybe 'Plural-Form' construct could be evaluated in order to manage
that (and for the future).

- A vey minor thing: I know, is a 'ghost' support tool, and
it requires also Locale::PO, IO::All (not required by MojoMojo
The question is: isn't in the CPAN package but
(that uses yes. :-)

I hope that my poor notes will be useful for you! ;-)


   - Enrico

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